Fused magnesium-aluminium spinel is made of high purity raw materials in electric arc-furnaces. The maximum amount of spinel crystals is achieved by using pure raw materials and electric arc-furnaces. The product has a high heat-shock and slag-corrosion resistance and also good refractoriness.

Main characteristics: 
  • typical Al2O3 content: 72,00 %
  • typical MgO content: 27,00%
  • high chemical purit, grayish color, good refractoriness
  • outstanding heat shock resistance, outstanding slag corrosion resistance
  • typical fractions (mm): 0-0,1, 0-0,5, 0,5-1, 0-1, 1-3, 3-5, 200F, 325F
  • particle size distribution: according to Motim's own prescriptions or to a specific requirement
Field of Application: 

Spinel is the basic material of refractory materials used for the sinter and transit zones of rotary furnaces in cement industry, for the arches of electric arc-furnaces, for the refractory lining of high-frequency furnaces and various kinds of
torpedos and ladles used in steel works.

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