About us

MOTIM Fused Cast Refractories Ltd. predecessor Hungary’s first alumina factory started its production in 1934 in Mosonmagyaróvár. The quality of produced calcined and hydrated alumina was excellent, so the company very soon became well-known all over Europe. In 1943, the production reached 14-times higher level than the original capacity. Modernization of the technology proceeded. The company continued to introduce its value-added products on the market. Production of fused cast refractories started in 1957.

Our company is recognized as one of the world’s leading producers of fused cast refractories. Our products are mainly used in the glass and ceramic industry as well as in the reheating furnaces of the steel industry. Magnesium industry is also an important market, we supply refractories to the furnaces that electrolyze and melt metal magnesium.  More than 90% of our turnover is gained from the export sales. Our traditional markets are Western- and Central-Europe, but we are present on all continents with our products.

To satisfy the quality requirements of customers and to ensure good quality on a continuous basis, Motim Hungary’s fused cast refractory expert has implemented comprehensive production technology improvements at both of its factories.

Korvisit A and Korvisit AB fused cast alumina refractories are produced at one works. A modern graphite molding workshop was built here, with new machining equipment to guarantee the dimensional accuracy of moulds. In addition, melting, stripping and annealing technologies were updated. These modifications allow Motim to manufacture much larger feeder channel blocks, for example.

To improve surface quality, Motim purchased a state of-the-art grinding machine, which can grind two parallel surfaces simultaneously. The latest crushing plant has also been installed for the preparation of recycled in-house material.

Motim’s other works is engaged in the production of Zirkosit S32, Zirkosit M36, Zirkosit Y41 fused cast AZS refractories.

Development of the factory’s technology and its equipment span the complete manufacturing process.

Mould assembly plays an important role in the production technology of fused cast refractories, as the process requires high quality moulding plates, Motim has created a high performance production line for moulding plate manufacture, replacing three lines. The solution is considered one of the most modern production lines for the manufacture of AZS, with production technology modified at several points on the line. Machining capacity was increased by purchasing the latest cutting and grinding machines available, Motim also extended the pre-assembly area where the furnaces are pre-built. This change enables complete pre-assembly of even large furnaces at the same time, thereby avoiding the need for customers to carry out multiple inspections for one furnace.

Our quality system fully complies with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004.