ZIRKOSIT M36 is an AZS type fused cast refractory material with 36,2% zirconium-dioxide content. ZIRKOSIT M36 blocks can provide improved service over ZIRKOSIT S32 but are more economical than ZIRKOSIT Y41.

MOTIM recommends to apply ZIRKOSIT M36 blocks for the parts of glass melting furnaces where better performance is required than is achievable by using the lower zirconium-dioxide containing AZS type fused cast refractory but where the usage of the higher zirconium-dioxide content material is not justified technically or commercially.

Recommended fields of application:
  • side walls
  • bottom paving
  • superstructures
  • feeder channels
  • working ends

ZIRKOSIT M36 fused cast refractory blocks are manufactured by the following casting methods:

  • regular cast (N)
  • end cast (EL)
  • void free tiles (KLS, KLP, KLB)