Quality and reliability

MOTIM is entirely committed to providing products and services of excellent quality to its partners. The standard evaluation of our activity derives from the opinion and the satisfaction of the customers.

The highly qualified experts of MOTIM have accumulated the experience of more than five decades in manufacturing and utilization of fused cast refractory blocks. The aim of the continuous research and development is to improve the products and production technologies hence contributing to the business objectives of the customers. The sales engineers, managers and a worldwide network of representatives are always at the disposal of glass factories and the designers of glass furnaces to answer any technical question or to render assistance in selecting the optimal qualities of refractories. MOTIM applies a Quality Assurance System operating and certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 to ensure the constant high quality of fused cast refractory products.


All of our activities are carried out with great care and consideration for nature and for environmental protection and preservation. Laws and regulations are strictly adhered too. Furthermore, we strive to minimize the use of scarce natural resources. The commitment of MOTIM to quality and environmental protection is the basis for the up-to-date, calculable and controlled running of the company ensuring high quality products and long term mutually advantageous co-operation with our partners.