Since 1957, the beginning of the production of the fused cast alpha-corundum blocks, KORVISIT A has been a reputed refractory and wear resistant lining of reheating furnaces. KORVISIT A blocks are successfully used as skid rails as well as soaking zone bottom of heavy duty pusher-type furnaces reheating ingots.

KORVISIT A is resistant to mechanical wear in high temperature condition and can be used as supporting element or for lining exit chutes in walking beam furnaces. For protection of the traverse beam mechanism against thermal shock,  proper quality insulating and refractory masses of MOTIM can be used. As the material to be heated is moved solely on KORVISIT A, the less dense and mechanically not so durable monolithics are protected from wear. With the combination of both types of materials it is possible to achieve long furnace campaigns and avoid regular repair of the monolithics.