Short introduction of MOTIM Electrocorundum Ltd.

Our company was established on September 14th, 2000, by the reorganization of the former production units of Magyaróvári Timföld és Műkorund Részvénytársaság/MOTIM Co. The history of the Group goes back to July 18, 1934, when the first Hungarian alumina plant started its operation in Mosonmagyaróvár. The alumina plant got into state ownership in 1948. During this time the increase of capacity and the introduction of new technologies and the manufacture of new products continued, such as White Aluminum Oxide. We started the construction of the White Fused Alumina products in 1951, afterwards - based on our own patent - the White Fused Mullit production was started in 1983, and following that in 1986, the Fused Magnesium - Aluminum Spinell. After the change of the political and economic system in Hungary the Magyaróvári Timföld- és Műkorundgyár was transformed into a Ltd., then in 1995 the privatization took place, during which the company became a common property of the Ltd. formed by the top management and a financial investment company.

MOTIM Electrocorundum Ltd. manufactures electrofused mineral products. The total production capacity is approximately 50.000 tons. The White Fused Alumina gives more than the 50% of the product structure. One of the main fields of application is the abrasive industry, which uses grits classified according to the FEPA international standards for the production of abrasive paper and cutting and grinding wheels as well as other abrasive tools. This product is also used on the field of sand blasting where it is used as the blasting media. The other user’s circle is made up of the costumers who are manufacturers of shaped and unshaped refractory solutions designed mainly for the steel and foundry industries. The additional products – Fused Mullit, Zircon Mullit and Spinell grits – are typical raw materials in the fields of refractory industry and ceramic industry. The mentioned application areas represent our traditional target market, however in our product structure the tailor made products, manufactured according to the unique demands of the special applications, are more and more significant, such as investment casting, laminate boards, kiln furniture for the IT industries, dental applications, cosmetic industry etc., and this tendency makes the continuous technological development even more reasonable.

Our company annually sells ten thousands of tons of products, of which more than 90% is exported into countries around the world. 80% of the export turnover is generated in the European countries, around 10% is realized in the US market, and 10% in Far-East, primarily originating from the sales to Japan and South-Korea.

Our company has approximately 200 employees; our average annual turnover is 35 million EURO.

Since 1994 we have had an ISO 9002 quality Certificate, which ensures the reliable and effective quality control of our production process. In 2012 we introduced an Integrated Quality Management System, its operation is based on the standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007, covering the quality assurance, environmental management as well as the health and safety areas.

Our company maintains long term connections with its partners and aims to be a reliable supplier. On the other hand we are ready to cope with new challenges and satisfy special customer needs as well.