Fused zirconia mullite is made of high purity raw materials in electric arc-furnaces.
The grain is characterised by high chemical purity.

Main characteristics: 
  • typical Al2O3 content: 46,00%
  • typical SiO2 content: 17,00%, typical ZrO2 content: 36,5%
  • grayish color, high chemical purity
  • outstanding heat shock resistance, outstanding slag corrosion resistance
  • typical fractions (mm): 0-0,3, 0-0,5, 0,5-1, 0-1, 1-3, 1,5-5, 3,5-5, 200F, 325F
  • particle size distribution: according to Motim's own prescriptions or to a specific requirement
Field of Application: 

Fused zirconia mullite is a basic material for refractory materials used in the steel industry at precision and continuous casting, at the charging holes of various furnaces, at making burner-frames, for lining ladles and off-takes. Additionally, fused zirconia mullite of MOTIM Electrocorundum Ltd. can also be used for the production of high-purity zirconia mullite blocks for glass melting furnaces (superstructure and crown).

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